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New for 2019 - APLH Personal Licence Course in York - O'Brien

NEW for 2019 – we have a new training venue for our Personal Licence courses. This course provides you with the qualification to enable you to obtain a Personal Licence from your local authority. Anyone who is authorising the sale of alcohol in restaurants, public houses, hotels and retail outlets should by law have a Personal Licence. Increasing numbers of businesses are realising the advantage of having more of their staff qualified and knowledgeable on the Licensing Law. 

Due to the success of the training we hold in Scarborough we are holding a monthly Personal Licence course in York. The course is a British Institute of Innkeeping approved course at an approved venue at the Forest Farm Business Park in Fulford. 

Do you know what the 4 objectives of the Licensing Law are?

Prevention of Crime & Disorder – Public Safety – Prevention of Public Nuisance – Protection of Children from Harm 

Courses are 1 day – usually between 9 and 4 pm. The course is an approved BIIAB (British Institute of Innkeeping Awarding Body). Course material, lunch, exam and certificate included in the £145 fee (no vat or additional costs).  

The first two dates are February 18th and March 18th 2019 

The venue is at the Forest Farm Business Park on the A19 in Fulford, just off the A64 near to the Designer Outlet, free parking and comfortable facilities.   To apply for the course contact us on York@obrienlicensing.co.uk or send us a completed application form. There is also more information to download here.


Once you have obtained your BIIAB certificate by passing the 40 min / 40 multiple choice question exam, the next step is to apply for your Personal Licence.  The process requires a criminal record check from the DBS and sending off your BIIAB certificate along with the DBS Certificate to your local council for a Personal Licence. This can be done by yourself of course, or we can do it for you, for an admin fee of £85, plus the cost of the DBS (£25) and PL application (£37).